A new year…

As we start the new year headed toward more lockdowns and a pivot back to online events, here is a recap of the end of 2021

In lieu of an in-person concert, we once again organized recording sessions for the various divisions of the RYDO. Many of our usual venues for performances remain closed. We are very grateful for the Austrian Vancouver Club allowing us to use their facility for this project. 

At the music school, we were able to hold a more traditional recital with small audiences. These performances were recorded and are available and linked to from the music school website. 

A few of the planned gigs did go ahead at the end of 2021, with reduced venue sizes, reduced ticket sales, and such. I am very grateful that these opportunities were able to go ahead. As of now with the looming shutdowns, there will be probably no new performance opportunities during the next few weeks. We shall see how things go. 



“Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra Winter Concert – recorded November 27, Dec. 4 and 11, 2021 Featuring all divisions.”