Discover the world of music and how it can enhance and change your life. 


I began playing clarinet at the age of 12, starting on a metal clarinet that belonged to a distant cousin.  It quickly became my primary voice even though I originally wanted to play saxophone in my school band, a dream which I was able to later fulfill in high school.

Later I began playing piano in high school and discovered the world of orchestral music and jazz, which completely changed my life. Exploring works of the great masters while at the same time creating my own self-expression through improvisation opened a new world for me.  Playing, creating, and composing became my muse and has sustained me in my creative development over my whole life. 

“ I strive to help my students find their own voice on their instrument, to help them learn that when they take control of something and work towards their goals and dreams, what at first seems impossible will become possible.


I am available for lessons in Clarinet and Saxophone at both studios in Richmond and Delta BC. and Online.
I teach jazz piano in Delta BC only.

I teach students from age 9 to adult. 

For more information contact Stephen.robb(at)

“With over 30 years of experience, teaching music has been the centre of my career and musical experience.”