The Trio Project

A jazz piano trio from the tradition of Bill Evans and Keith Jarret. Featuring Brent Gublles on Bass with Stan Taylor on drums. This is a group of musicians that have been working together separately on different projects over the years with Brad Muirhead, the South Delta Jazz Festival, and the Kris Jay Trio.  This is the first time the group has been performing as its own ensemble.


For more information about the group, contact Stephen Robb at Stephen.Robb (at)

Kris Jay Trio

Stephen performs regularly with the Kris Jay Trio – featuring trombonist Kris Bowerman

The Kris Jay Trio was formed by Kris Jay Bowerman in 2014 to serve the Greater Vancouver Area with quality jazz performances for various events needing background music — receptions, cocktail parties, corporate and civic events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and any kind of celebration.

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Kris Jay Trio



Urban Bandscape

Drawing inspiration from the free-thinking poets, lyricists, and progressive social commentators of yesteryear and now, Urban Bandscape artistically addresses the challenges of living human and understanding our ever-changing world through thought-provoking words and music, spanning from traditional & standard jazz to jazz-funk-rock fusion, free-jazz, and improvised soundscapes.

Urban Bandscape plays original music including song and spoken-word settings and a selection of their favorite socially relevant cover tunes that explore the interface between culture and cosmopolitanism, expectations and reality, and the consonances and dissonances of modern life.

.Urban Bandscape